How To Create a Delicious Drink using Wheatgrass Juice

After months of months of experiments in trying to find a healthy and yet more enjoyable drinks that I can include to my diet plan, I finally found it. My best recommendation would be adding wheatgrass.

Plant Flat, Topsoil, Wheatgrass Seed (Wheatgrass not seed haha)!!

Ok, let’s start, there are a few simple tips on how to make a delicious wheatgrass drink base on my experience.

Of course, the most important thing is to have some wheatgrass. Wheatgrass can be purchase in any health food store, supermarket and etc. Since I’m writing a blog, I recommend you to buy it online. LOL!. – Click here to buy

There’s still another method to get this in a cheaper way that is to grow it yourself or plant it yourself.

Planting wheatgrass is quite simple and uncomplicated; I just need the following item to do it:

(My recommendation is to buy the wheatgrass seeds online which can make things easier for you)

Plant the seeds inside flat under about a half inch of top soil, keep the flat well watered plus a warm environment, and just for a matter of days you’ll have the wheatgrass growing like crazy. It is going to grow much like the grass on your place and you will have a continuing supply for your personal wheatgrass juice drinks.

After obtained enough wheatgrass either by buying it or growing it, the next step is to grind it to be able to extract the juices from it. You may use a juicer, blender or even a juicing masticator to extract the juice.

To know more about how to extract the wheatgrass juice, you may visit –

Let get back to the real thing, to make a delicious wheatgrass drink, I prefer to add it with other juices.

My favorite combinations

  • 30 ml Wheatgrass + 2-3 Carrots + Apples + Cucumber (+ Honey if you want sweeter)
  • 30 ml Wheatgrass + 2-3 Cucumber + 1-2 stalks of Celery + a little of Parsley
  • 30 ml Wheatgrass + 1 Tomato
  • 30 ml Wheatgrass + 2 Apple
  • 30 ml Wheatgrass + half a Lemon


If you were to read this I’m sure you know that wheatgrass itself is very healthy to us, but still for being careful, I still try to research about it. Even though wheatgrass juice is healthy for our body but still need to drink it consistently and not too much there’s a limitation in everything we intake to our body

Base on my experience, rather drinking it pure kids would like to drink wheatgrass juice when it is mix with other juices , like in my favorite combination. So be sure to try and create your own delicious drink, don’t limit yourself on what I do. Bottom up!

If you wish to buy wheatgrass video course click here! I founded a site on how Michael teaches to make or use wheatgrass juice!



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